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Because you Care!

Supporting Community Care with a monetary donation enables us to better help those in our community facing hardships. Through local and Provincial partnerships, Community Care is able to stretch dollars donated by purchasing large quantities and utilizing special agreements in place. When you make a donation over $10, a charitable tax receipt through canadahelps.org will be emailed to you immediately following your donation.

Other ways to support Community Care include volunteering, donating clothing, food or toys, and partnering with us on your next event! including our donation bins or working with us to donate a percentage of proceeds raised at your function are more invaluable ways to give back.

The Business of Giving

Invite your work family online or onsite!

Engaging work colleagues is a perfect way to give back and make a difference to those in need in your community. Whether you are now working from home or still heading into the office, your colleagues will love a good challenge! Throw a virtual food drive or zoom dress down days or dress up days are a great way to connect and do good!

Here are a few ideas to get everyone involved! ⇒

Brown Bag Lunch for a Week

Donate the money you save by packing a lunch for a week.

Give up Buying Coffee for a Week

Give up purchasing coffee for a week and donate the money you would have spent. 

Dress Down Days

Casual attire for a day or the week and make a contribution.

Fancy Dress Up Days

Ballgowns, sparkles, bow ties! Make a donation & have a soiree!

Weekly Collection

Look at our Most Needed Items List. Choose items from the list and challenge colleagues to do the same and see who collects the most items.

Snacks N Sneakers 

Back to school supply program 

The Snacks N’ Sneakers program sponsored by the Canadian Tire Bank and the United Way, allows our youngest clients the opportunity to begin their school year on the right foot – with a brand new pair of sneakers, a backpack, snacks and school supplies. This year, Community Care is anticipating supporting over 1,300 famililes, our greatest number yet.

To be eligible for this program, registered families of Community Care must have children in their household enrolled in school in grades JK- 12. Eligible clients can call to register beginning July 26 with a program close date of September 1. Pickup dates are through August. 

If you would like to support this important initiative, please donate today and specify this program! For further details and information on all the ways you can help, please call (905) 685-1349 and ask to be connected with Danielle. 

One of the ways you can support Community Care is by making a Legacy Donation. We offer a number of ways for you to touch the lives of the children, individuals and families in need in our community.

Outright Gifts of Cash or Securities

An outright gift gives you the satisfaction of seeing your contribution at work immediately. You will see that lives are being immediately impacted, because you cared enough to make a difference. Download Planned Giving pdf

Gifts of Life Insurance – Future Dollars… only Pennies a Day

Providing security for a growing family and support in times of unforeseen need are the reasons why most people buy life insurance. But life insurance can also be used as a creative financial tool to fund a gift cost-effectively. You can help ensure a brighter future for the women of our community and their families…with a gift funded by life insurance. Download Gifts of Life Insurance pdf

Estate Gifts with Will Power – The Power of Your Will

Will Power – the power to use the assets accumulated over a lifetime of accomplishment to provide for your loved ones as you see fit, rather than as the government might determine. Moreover, you retain control to easily make revisions should your future circumstances change.

Retirement Funds – For Saving…and for Giving

Use tax-deferred assets accumulated for your retirement to provide for a favoured charity, after you no longer require them. Convert an ‘end of life’ tax liability into a meaningful charitable gift. Moreover, retain control to easily make revisions should your future circumstances change. Download Retirement Funds pdf

Have you met our Jr. Ambassadors?

Join us and make a difference. For more information on how to become a Junior Ambassador for Community Care, contact the Events Coordinator, Jess at specialevents@communitycarestca.ca

Kids Make a difference!

Kids helping kids and understanding more about our community needs is a beautiful lesson:

Mow & Go! Ask neighbours if you can mow their lawn for a donation to Community Care!

Collect loonies & twoonies & donate – every dollar counts! Gather up all the coins around your house and ask your relatives to empty their piggy banks or match your collection amount.

Is your Birthday coming up? Ask friends to make a donation to Community Care on your behalf instead of a gift, bring a $5 to your party for donations or a bag of most needed food items.

Lemonade? Iced Tea? Apples? Set up a stand in front of your house and sell whatever you like best! Donate money raised to Community Care!

Here are a few ways you can help! Do you have ideas? We hope so, please share with us via our social media or email! We would love to thank you for making a difference!


How can I best help Community Care?

A monetary gift is one of the best ways to help Community Care St. Catharines & Thorold as many of our suppliers will double the value of the donation. All donations $20 and over will receive a charitable gift receipt, suitable for income tax purposes and our gratitude.

Donations of food and clothing make a great impact - our food security program is one of the most needed services we offer, and every individual donation helps us to provide this. Our Thorold location accepts food, clothing and household goods like small appliances as well!

Volunteering is another great way to support the work done at Community Care - without our volunteers, we could not provide all of the services that we do!

What are the most needed items?

Our most needed items change as needs and stock flucuate - be sure to check out our Instagram & Facebook pages for up-to-date items as we post these updates weekly on Wednesday.

On an on-going basis, are always in need of canned proteins, granola bars, hearty stews and soups with protein as well as diapers in sizes 4 and up. Examples include:

  • Beans, baked in sauce
  • Canned pasta (SpaghettiO's and Beefaroni)
  • Canned fruit
  • Spaghetti sauce
  • Canned veggies
  • Granola bars
  • Canned proteins (fish, turkey, ham, sardines etc.)
  • Stews & soups (the best options include protein!)


  • Mens shoes
  • Linens - all size bedding and towels
  • All size new undergarments
  • Mens & womens jogging pants


  • Feminie hygiene products
  • Diapers size 4 and up
  • Baby wipes

Does Community Care accept clothing & household donations?

Community Care is pleased to accept gently used seasonal appropriate items for our clothing room, up to 2 bags per donor. Items we accept include:

  • Mens/Ladies/Childrens attire including hoodies/pants/shoes/boots/blouses/new undergarments
  • Bedding/Towels
  • Household items – accepted only at our Thorold location (19 Albert St W )

We accept donations Monday through Friday between 8:30 – 4:30.

How can I become a volunteer?

Volunteers have long been an important part of the Community Care team - we simply could not do all that we do without them!

If you are interested in volunteering kindly complete and submit the volunteer application.

Can I donate a car to raise funds?

You can! You will need to donate your vehicle through Donate A Car Canada and it will either be recycled or sold at auction (depending on its condition, age and location). The proceeds from this donation will be allocated to us! You will receive a tax receipt and we will put your gift to good use.

Donate a vehicle.


Yes, you can! Please fill out this form and email it to Idella at donations@communitycarestca.ca.