Ways to Give

Make a contribution to Community Care!

Supporting Community Care with a monetary donation is a significant way to help us help those in our community who are facing hardships. We have the ability to stretch dollars donated to us by purchasing items in large quantities and utilizing our relationships with suppliers.

When you make a donation over $10 you will receive a charitable tax receipt through canadahelps.org. Your tax receipt will be issued and emailed immediately.

Please give.

Kids can make a difference!

Here are some fun ways we thought kids can help someone in need in our community:

  1. Mow-A-Thon - Ask a few of your neighbours if you can mow their lawn for a donation to Community Care!
  2. Collect pennies & donate - every cent counts! Gather up all those pennies around your house and ask your Aunts & Uncles and Grandparents for their pennies too!
  3. Donate your weekly allowance!
  4. Is your Birthday coming up? Ask your friends to make a food donation to Community Care on your behalf instead of a gift!
  5. (Fill in the Blank) Stand! Lemonade? Iced Tea? Apples? Set up a stand in front of your house and sell whatever you like best! Donate the funds raised to Community Care!

Here are a few ways you can help! Do you have ideas? We hope so, please choose to make a difference today!

The Business of Giving

Get your work community involved!

More and more, the workplace is the perfect way to connect to one another and give back by making a difference to those in need in our community.

Here are a few ideas to get everyone involved:

  1. Brown Bag Lunch for a Week - Donate the money you save by packing a lunch for a week.
  2. Give up Buying Coffee for a Week - Give up purchasing coffee for a week and donate the money you would have spent. Brew it at home and bring it with you instead!
  3. Dress Down Days - Dress in casual attire for a day and make a contribution.
  4. Employee BBQ – Ask your employer to sponsor an employee BBQ by purchasing burgers, hot dogs & salads, then invite employees for lunch and charge a certain amount per plate or per food item. Donate funds raised to Community Care! 'Tis the season to BBQ!
  5. Weekly Collection - Look at our Most Needed Items List. Chose one item from the list and have all employees donate that item. Switch it up each week with a different item!

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