The Paper Bag Ball

Every dollar raised, makes a difference. Here’s what your dollar has the power to do...

Give the gift of food | $100

Here’s what $100 can do:

  • Eggs, Cheese and Milk for a month - for family of 4
  • 50 dozen eggs
  • 50 litres of milk
  • 20 boxes of cereal
  • 1 case of peanut butter

Give the gift of warmth | $200

Here’s what $200 can do:

  • Provides winter clothing for one person including: Boots, Mittens, Jacket and Hat for one person
  • Keeps the lights on for a family for a month
  • Provides heat for an average apartment for a month
  • Provides one child, with back to school supplies child in partnership with the Jumpstart program

Give the gift of fun | $400

Here’s what $400 can do:

  • Provides one child with the average price of registration, for extra curricular activities,
    plus equipment includes: art classes, music classes, dance, cheerleading etc. (excluding hockey)
  • Sends a child to summer camp for a week
  • Buys birthday gifts for one child

Give the gift of joy | $600

Here’s what $600 can do:

  • $150 per person, for a family of 4 provides:
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Christmas Gifts including: New Pajamas or a new piece of clothing

Give to our greatest needs | $1000 +

Help us with our greatest needs | Here’s what $1000 can do:

  • Help us fill the gaps and meet our greatest needs

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