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More than a food bank

In addition to the food security, housing help, health support, family support, we offer addtional services such as our clothing and household good program, and a Trusteeship Program for you and adults.

clothes in box marked donate

Clothing Program

This program has been adjusted due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols. If you are in need of clothing, you can call Community Care (905-685-1349) and place a clothing order or ask for a form at the service window. Due to pandmeic restrictions, clients are not able to come into the building, so items will be selected and bagged by staff. You will recieve a phone call when your clothes are ready for pickup.

donating clothes

Household Goods Program

This program has been adjusted due to COVID-19 restrictions and protocols. If you are in need of household goods, you can call Community Care (905-685-1349) and inquire if we have the item you need.

Updates on our donation need is on our social media pages. We are always in need of warm winter boots, linens, towels, and pots and pans. All other clothing and household item donations are still on hold. Please follow us on social media for donation need updates. Thank you for your understanding.

Money Management &  Trusteeship

Trusteeship Program for Adults: Community Care offers this program to support adults with Money management skills and direct distribution of support funds.

Money management begins by setting specific goals. We have come up with tips and strategies to help you on your way to a comfortable budget.

Getting Organized with Comfortable Budgetting

  • Start simply by listing your monthly expenses: begin with your fixed expenses like rent/mortgage and utilities, then list expenses that are more flexible like food, transportation and entertainment
  • Track what you spend for 30 days, and keep receipts and a list of what you spend and where
  • Make notes about bills (fixed expenses) you have paid and when
  • After 30 days, take a look at where your money goes…
  • Are there ways to adjust your budget?
  • Was there anything that surprised you?
  • Were you spending more or less than you thought you were?

After these considerations, make adjustments to your budget that suit your needs. Create a filing system that allows you to continue to track your fixed and flexible expenses easily: a simple shoe box will do!

Budget Friendly Tips!

  • Keep track of when you spend cash and on what items
  • Using a calendar note when your bills are due
  • Keep cash in a labelled envelope for flexible expenses: only use cash for flexible expenses
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Look over your budget monthly
  • Look for simple ways to spend less


  • Open a savings account
  • Decide on a dollar amount you want to put aside every month
    Chose an account that is right for you
  • Ask questions
  • Limit access to savings account with a Debit Card; use deposit only accounts
  • Remember every little bit counts!
  • Plan ahead


Food Security

We provide nutritious, accessible food to those in need.

Housing Help

We assist those who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, are recieving government assistance, or are facing eviction.

Health Support

Dental, vision care & medical supports are often available based on funding. Inquire about eligibility.

Family Support

From newborns & new parents to seniors, we have programs to assist with essentials for everyone in our community.