Update: Fire Closes our Thorold Branch

UPDATE 07/22/2015 3:45pm: Community Care Thorold is taking longer than expected to get up and running. We will open for emergencies on Friday the 24th until noon and fully re-open on Monday the 27th. In the meantime all non-emergency needs will be met through our St. Catharines office. Any questions or concerns please call 905.685.1349. Thank you!

An unfortunate incident at our Thorold Branch has occurred. Late Tuesday night a fire was started in the front of the building causing much damage and forced us to temporarily close the doors.

We are directing all clients to use the St. Catharines Food Bank until Thorold is able to re-open. Anyone with questions or concerns should please call 905.685.1349.

Thank you to the community for the support.

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