Host a Food Drive

Thank you for thinking of including us in your plans! Here you will find the tools to help you organize your own Food Drive in support of our organization. 

When you host a Food Drive, whether that be as part of a birthday celebration, special event, conference, office intiative or as part of the many other reasons why people want to give back, you are helping stock our food bank's shelves with necessities needed to keep tummies full in our community.

We understand that currently people are not able to gather in large numbers. However, there are still many ways to make your food drive a success! These are some tips we have put together for you and examples that we have seen work at recent Food Drives.

Drive-By and Walk-By Options; If outside is a possibility, think about having your collection in an open air space.

Planning to hold indoors?; Keep local by-laws and/or recommendations regarding masks and space limitations in mind if planning to hold the drive indoors

Maintaining Physical Distance; We can provide you with food collection barrels to use, or feel free to use your own, as of way of contactless drop-off for your supporters. This way donations are pre-packed to be transported for drop off or pick up can be arranged with our team.
CLICK HERE to arrange for your barrel.

Consider placing signage to encourage supporters to remember physical distancing; If you are worried about too many people arriving at once, you can place markers on the ground as a reminder of keeping space between each other while waiting.

Funds; If you wanted to collect funds in addition to goods, we have an easy tool you can use to accept contactless payment.
CLICK HERE to check out the online fundraising tool, or, CLICK HERE to get in touch to find out ways we can customize a page for you

Let your friends and family know! Whether you use social media, flyers or invitations; letting your network know, and reminding them is never a bad thing!
If you are going to post to social media, be sure to tag us @communitycarest (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and we'd be happy to help spread the word!

Other tools;

Logo; You can download our logo for use in promoting your event. 
CLICK HERE to access our logo.

Graphics; We are happy to offer some graphics you are welcome to use in promotion of your Food Drive. Tip: You can use your favourite photo editor to drop your details onto the JPG files to customize for your drive!

Colouring Sheets

Physical Distancing Signage;

Donations of time, talent and treasure are what keep Community Care of St. Catharines & Thorold able to serve our most vulnerable neighbours. We are so thankful for the on-going support our community shows to us. 

Questions? Need help? Get in touch at or 905-685-1349 and we'll be happy to help.

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