Holiday Barrels

Fill a Holiday Barrel

Upon request, we will deliver and pick up barrels.

Here is a fun idea!

Introduce a month-long campaign with a barrel, appropriately labelled, offering a different type of donation each week; or choose just one of the following types of drives! Perfect for companies, organizations, schools, apartment buildings, etc.

Donation jars and tax receipt forms are also available.


Week 1: NEW stocking stuffer toys

Week 2: NEW warm winter accessories: hats, gloves, scarves, socks, underwear, PJs, long underwear for ALL ages.

Week 3: ALL ages need personal hygiene products. We may take many of these items for granted; however, for others it is a luxury: soaps, shampoos, diapers, baby products, shaving products, toilet paper, personal hygiene products, new towels and face cloths.

Week 4: Non-perishable foods (we can send you our most current needed list) and/or Christmas “goodies” food drive - the treats we all enjoy during the holidays.

Please NOTE:

  • At this special time of year we ask that all clothing and toys be NEW only.
  • Should you wish your collections to be distributed to the estimated 3,000 families registering for Christmas, we request a final pick-up/delivery of mid-December. However, campaigns may continue as long you wish or is appropriate for your circumstances.
  • Our trucks are VERY busy at this time of year… please give us ample notice to ensure efficient deliveries and pick-ups

Thank you for your thoughful consideration.


St. Catharines barrel order: deliveries and pickups

905.685.1349 ext. 228 |

Thorold barrel order: deliveries and pickups

905.227.9240 |

To discuss ideas / possibilities / speaking engagements for your group:

Chrissy Sadowski, Fund Development Officer

905-685-1349 ext. 245 |

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