Adopt an Angel, Teen or Senior

adopt an angel

Health and safety remain our priority for families, volunteers, and staff and adapting our programs and protocols is now extended to our holiday programs.

In 2020 it is our wish to continue to make sure that no one is forgotten and so we are adapting the Adopt a Teen/Senior/Angel program to comply with pandemic health and safety protocols.

This year our emphasis is on gift cards/vouchers for both teens and seniors. Gift cards require minimal handling and storage. In addition to keeping everyone as safe as possible we are confident that recipients will enjoy the choice that a gift card provides. 

Suggestions for Gift Cards ;
Toys/Fast Food Chains/Electronics/Personal Care/Reading/Music 

from Vendors such as;
Tim Hortons/McDonalds/Wal-Mart/Best Buy /Chapters/Old Navy/Pen Centre/Shoppers Drug Mart/Dollar Stores

Your participation in the Adopt a Teen or Senior angel program ensures that everyone can be touched by the magic of the season.

Companies/Organizations: Those who generously participate can create trees of stars, angels, tags etc. The tags are taken and exchanged for your gift card under the tree.  Please feel free to create names for your trees, should you choose.

Families/Individuals: This program works wonderfully for families who wish to give a gift card that will truly make a difference. EXAMPLE of possibilities: Place a limit on the amount spent…$10, $15, $20 each…your choice. Each person purchases a gift card for their own age…the teenager shops for another teen their age, a Grandmother purchases for a senior. Once purchased, the gift cards may be delivered to 12 North St, St. Catharines or 19 Albert St. W. in Thorold.

For more information, to arrange a drop off date or to discuss possibilities, please contact:
Danielle Cook| 905.685.1349 ext 241 | fax 905.685.3938 |
In Thorold | 905.227.9240 |fax 905.227.1290 |




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