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Providing Community Support since 1919

Community Care, St. Catharines & Thorold has been meeting the needs of the less advantaged in our community since 1919. The fundamental principles on which the agency was founded have not changed.

Programs range from food and shelter security to emergency services and support that lead to the independence clients strive to achieve.

Although most programs are delivered within the communities of St. Catharines & Thorold, the Trustee and Niagara Nutrition Partners Programs are delivered on a regional basis.


We compassionately provide vital services and assistance to individuals and families that meet their basic needs and help bridge their journey to self-sufficiency.


Accessibility • Commitment of Volunteers • Compassion • Diversity • Empowerment • Fairness • Flexibility • Fiscal Responsibility • Honesty • Respect • Responsiveness • Openness


Our Mission

“I used to cook soup on my stove all day and every day. There was no time when there wasn’t a pan of soup cooking, because I had 400 families to look after.”
Leone Taylor, Founder of Associated Charities


January 01

Name changed to Associated Services

Name changed to Associated Services reflecting the expanded programs offered.

January 02

Expanded to Thorold

Food and clothing was distributed in the basement of Thorold’s City Hall, formerly L.G. Lorriman Central School, on Carlton St. before moving to its current location at 19 Albert Street West in 2004. The adjacent Thrift Store opened on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2005.

January 02

The agency moved to 125 Welland Ave.

January 01

Name changed to Community Care, St. Catharines & Thorold

Name changed to Community Care, St. Catharines & Thorold, reflecting our partnership within the entire community.

January 03

264 Welland Ave.

Community Care moved down the road to

January 01

Niagara Nutrition Partners was established Region-wide

Niagara Nutrition Partners was established Region-wide, offering nutrition support programs in elementary and secondary schools and community-based program

January 01

Moved from Welland Ave. to 12 North Street

15 semi-tractor trailers moved Community Care from Welland Ave. to 12 North Street. Community Care, Housing Help Centre and YMCA of Niagara (Employment Program) co-located to offer seamless service delivery to those in need. The YMCA Employment Program relocated to the upper level of the agency until its expansion forced it to relocate in 2011.

January 01

The Housing Help Centre opened

The Housing Help Centre opened in the small building adjacent to Community Care at 14 North St. through federal funding.

January 03

Housing Help merges with Community Care

Housing Help surrendered its charter and merged with Community Care.

January 03

4 North St. location to 129 Church St.

Housing Help moved from its 14 North St. location to 129 Church St., enabling all of Community Care’s Programs to be under one roof (North St. and Church St. location are encompassed in one building).

Board Members

Betty-Lou Souter CEO
Lori Sather President
Jeff Moriarty Vice President
Jeff Moriarty Second Vice President
Scott Plugers Treasurer
Judy Reid Secretary
Lori Sather Past President
Marion Seymour-Lichty Honorary Past
Mario Lagrotteria
Holly Mundula
Poppy Gilliam
John Osczypko
Dave Upper
Steve Silverman
Shelley Dix
Ruth Todd
Marion Lichty
Honorary Special Advisors