Utility Assistance Program

The Utility Program at the Housing Help Centre of Community Care is designed to assist families and individuals who are facing hardships and are in crisis in one or more of the following areas:

  • Threat of disconnection of heat or hydro
  • Disconnection of heat or hydro
  • Demands for large deposits

Our staff will work with you to ensure you meet the program's criteria, including:

  • A prescreening telephone interview with one of our staff will determine elegibility for assistance
  • At that point, any threat of disconnection will be held for 21 days for qualified participants
  • An appointment is made within the 21 day period, enabling you to gather documents and information to complete the application
  • Once you are qualified, a grant is approved for arrears up to $500
  • The grant will be paid directly to your utility company

When you arrive at your appointment, we ask you to please provide the following information:

  • Identification for all members of your household
  • Statements providing proof of all income within the household
  • A recent copy of a 30 day banking statement
  • Current utility bill and disconnection notice

These items must be provided for our staff to apply for the funds to assist you in order to prevent disconnection for those qualified for assistance. We ask that you attend your scheduled appointment and bring all required documentation listed above. Please be aware that unfortunately, there is no guarantee your application will be approved.

To make an appointment, please call Houseing Help Centre:

905.984.8955 ext. 311

Your call will be returned within two business days. If you and/or your family are dealing with these circumstances, we can help.



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